Netlinking strategy


Which CMS to choose for your website?


WordPress, the CMS that has an answer for everything

WordPress is a CMS software used mainly to create custom websites.


Drupal, the most robust CMS

Drupal is a solid and customizable CMS, useful to create social networks.


Joomla, the competitor of WordPress

Joomla is a software with features for managing multilingual pages.

UX Design & User Interface

Interface design

Data analytics & web marketing

Double degree

Web & Mobile Development

Full-stack developer

referencing & SEO


Google referencing & SEO

The steps to take to appear in the search results are free and simple. The Google search engine is fully automated. It uses robots that explore the web constantly.

The site benefits from a good referencing, as for the numerous sites already indexed by Google. To improve its positioning, the site has benefited from an excellent SEO work. Webmasters must design SEO optimized sites to gain visibility. Send a sitemap to increase your chances to be listed on Google.


Solutions adapted to each e-business

Optimization of a Magento e-shop

Optimization of a Magento e-shop

The Magento solution offers very practical features to develop your virtual store. This tool improves the loading speed and the positioning of an e-shop.

Redesign of a professional website

To redesign a website, call on professionals. The site has benefited from the services of a competent and experienced Web agency.

Development of mobile applications

Development of mobile applications

The mobile developer develops applications adapted for smartphones and tablets. He must go through several phases: design, programming, verification…


Webmarketing and digital communication

Digital communication is the set of marketing techniques requiring the use of digital technology. This practice allows to take advantage of the digital revolution, especially the use of mobile devices.

Thanks to digital communication, it is easier to access information. Business owners use these marketing operations to identify and reach their customers easily. The particularity of Webmarketing is that it only focuses on the information contained on the official website of the company. These tools allow to gain visibility and notoriety.

Webmarketing and digital communication


E-commerce: a complete offer to sell online

Internet commerce concerns the purchase of new or second-hand goods, services including paid work as well as transport, accommodation, catering and leisure services. It should be noted that it is forbidden to sell tobacco on an e-shop. An online merchant who collects personal data and files of prospects and customers must respect the protection of personal data.


Your website in good hands!

Support & Webmaster


Support & Webmaster

The support and webmaster develop a website and also take care of its maintenance.


Maintenance & Security

Thanks to a good maintenance and a computer security, protect your website from intrusions.

Hosting and servers

Dedicated or shared

Hosting and servers

Depending on your budget, choose a dedicated or shared server as your hosting solution.